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Nick Carver YouTube channel
Mar 15, 2020

I've been following Nick Carver's YouTube channel for a while and really enjoy his videos. He shoots fine art photography in medium format and large format film. I also like his videos because he lives in Southern California so it reminds me of the years I lived there.

All his videos are fun but I think this one is cool because he recorded his whole process of shooting an old Laundromat from start to finish. It's great to see how he approaches the shoot, the obstacles he encounters and in general, it's fun to be along for the ride.

Another fun location shoot video on his channel is a liquor store:


Does anyone know of a location similar to this one in the Vancouver and surrounding areas? I think I now need to shoot a storefront like this...so much character!

Convenience stores and "mom and pop" businesses have almost completely disappeared so please post all the locations you can think of. Through the magic of Google Street View, it'll be easy to check them out.

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